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For our standardised "Bärbel" and "Barbara" electrode types, we offer complete electrolysers. These are robust and easy-to-use systems which can be integrated into your installations as complete components without any problems. As well as the versions with stainless steel cathodes, designs allowing polarity reversal can also be supplied. The modular structure enables anode surface areas ranging from 0.075 m2 up to 0.95 m2 per electrolyser.

DiaCCon GmbH

Fully equipped "Barbara"-Electrolyser for heavy duty applications with stainless steel body reinforcement and electric shock protection on the electrical power feeds.



elektrolyseure-02 www

Ready made Standard Electrolyser for our "Bärbel"-Electrodes.



elektrolyseure-03 www

Electrode stack with Diamond anodes, stainless steel cathodes and power connectors. Ready to be fitted in one of our electrolyser housings.




All the components that form a complete DiaCCon-Electrolyser.