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Mechanical seals and sliding bearings

Mechanical seals and bearings made of silicon carbide (SiC) are subjected to the widest range of possible loads in the chemical industry. Inadequate lubrication, third-body wear and temporary dry running frequently occur and they can lead to rapid failure of the components.

As a new generation of sliding couplings, the ultra-hard and low-friction finish of diamond-coated SiC surfaces (not to be confused with DLC!) offers a solution to this problem. No changes need to be made to the design; all that you need to do is replace the uncoated SiC components with ones that have a diamond coating.

DiaCCon has been manufacturing mechanical seals and sliding bearings coated with crystalline diamond on an industrial scale since 2002 and is therefore one of the pioneers of this new technology.


Mechanical seals

Ring diameter:

up to 350 mm


Axial bearings

Ring diameter:

up to 350 mm

Radiallager mit Aussenbeschichtung

Radial bearings with
coating on the inside

up to a diameter of 350 mm.

Radiallager mit Innenbeschichtung

Radial bearings with
coating on the outside

up to a length of 500 mm and a diameter of 170 mm.


Coatable components:

Mechanical seals, axial bearings, radial bearings (coating on the inside and outside)

Coatable dimensions:

Ring diameter: up to 350 mm
Radial bearing (coating on the outside): up to l = 500 mm and d = 170 mm
Radial bearing (coating on the inside): up to d = 350 mm

Diamond layer types:

Standard: > 6 µm (mechanical seals)
  > 10 µm (sliding bearings)

Hot water:Specially developed for deionised water or hot water applications, this layer type is generally the first choice for particularly tough applications.

Conductive: Electrically conductive diamond coating (e.g. for preventing electric charges)